Journal Of-[Subject 3]

The ongoing story of [Subject 3]. What We Believe Is As True As The People That Write It.

Apr 6

May 17

Subject-3 [Session 2]

{Log-22} Ok, As I was saying last, the doctor. He is one person you should never meet. There has rumored he never used his real name and as far as anyone knows, his name is Daedalus Ure. Some say he used to be a patient here, one of us but, he’s apparently helped this place a great deal with his work. The things he’s done to people here don’t believe him to have been birthed by parents, most think he was created and lost. How he became the way he is today, no one knows really people just think he was made for it or just happened to be a very unlucky result of reincarnation and all history’s evils got to him… Sigh… Just thinking about what he possibly does to people feels like it mentally scars me. Well, that’s enough for today.

May 15

Subject-3 [Session 2]

[Log-21]… A-a-a-a-alright now… A few-few-few-few more tweaks here and… Got it! This thing works and no more skips! How sweet is that! Heh, all that work with strange new found tech paid off. Well now… Where to begin. As you know, I’m subject-7, I do have a name but I keep it from the higher ups and until I know you’re trust worthy maybe I’ll let you know. Hopefully I can get this to you before it’s too late… Hopefully you wont have to find out why for yourself. In the hallway you heard screams and a man with a fake broken accent. He is someone… The last person you’d ever want to meet and if you do, well, he’ll probably make to the list of the first person you’d ever want to kill. I know for myself that pain… It’s nothing anyone should deal with. Damn I’ll say more later on, people are coming.

Mar 26


{Log-20} [Alarm] Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! Cell doors override in progress! All subject containment cells being unlocked!

[S-3] Ugh… What the hell is going on…

[Alarm] Security! Security! Security! All guards to subject containment area!

[D-V] This is your chance…

[S-3] Could it be? No… No way… Lets see what I got to work with!

[Alarm] Containment bridge doors lock! Calling mechanic!

[S-3] Goodness… So many people… No time to make acquaintance now. Damn… So much shoving… This place is such A crowded hellhole… Well now, A carded door, how great.

[Alarm] Hall door unlocked!

[D-V] Go now!

[S-3] Heh… Thanks… Alright… Now then, where to go… Ugh… Err… Ahhh! My head! Damn! Not again!…

[Vision] The tide has risen… Cross the waters… They are calling for you… Don’t become the voices…

[S-3] Ugh… I’m guessing that’s A hint… All I can hear are screams… It’s all I got to work with… Shit… This is just frightening. What could they have possibly done to be… Sounds like they’re being tortured… Ugh… There, the security gate and unmanned… Perfect, it’s open! Just gotta keep mov—

[S-6] No please just let me go! I don’t deserve this! I’ll be A good Subject-6! I’ll make sure he’s good!

[Surgeon] Oh, I’m sure you vill, I shallt be making sure of it.

[S-6] Please no! NO! Subject-6 will be good I swear! Shut up! I can’t let you give me away! No I must take care or Subject-6!

[Surgeon] Ah! So! Ze fight wit yourself it still rages! Much is to be done! I love A good drama! Yes! You heiv set ze show for ze world! Take your bow! *Slam*

[S-6] Ahhhh!

[S-3] Oh no… Another gone… That man… He had A broken accent… Russian maybe? No time to think about that I gotta go… Ok here’s another door. It’s locked… Damn, come on open it like the last.

[Alarm] Override canceled. Locking containment area.

[S-3] No! Damn! Oh no. Someones coming… Shit… Who are you!?

[S-7] I’m subject-7. I saw you leave and I want out this place too. You’re gonna need this though.

[Door] Card accepted.

[S-3] Where did you get the card from?

[S-7] Took it from the corpse of A guard. Just because I’m A bit smaller than you doesn’t mean I can’t hold my ground.

[S-3] Damn you must be one hell of A girl.

[S-7] Stick around, I can be A handful.

[S-3] Crap… Doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing the handful.

[S-7] Oh yeah, whys that?

[Guards] Hold it!

[S-7] Crap… This isn’t good… not at all.

[S-3] Not in the least…

[Guard] Well well… Looks like you get to see why people here scream. I told you this was coming and you didn’t believe me. tsk tsk buddy. The doc seemed to really like you. As for you girllie, the doctor will say what to do with you! Guys take Subject 3 to holding!

[S-3] Damn… No way out of this… Fight back I guess

[Guard] No you wont. *Slam*. Alright take him away, I’ll call for the doc.

[S-7] Hmm what’s this… I’ll hold on to it for now. He wont be making use of this for quite some time…

            {Season 1 complete}

Mar 17

Subject 3

[Log-19] What the hell? Who are you? How did you get in here?… What the… No way…

[Vision] The darkness will descend and the masses will crowd the paths… Freedom will be brief but A new name will be found. Accept the loss for new gain. Do not run…

[Subject 3] Oh…. This can’t be good… This can’t be good at all. I can’t allow myself to lose sanity. Damn! Be calm… Just be calm…

Mar 15

[Subject 3]

{Log-18} Ahh! Shit! This hurts! That bastard hit me in the face with A damn gun! Ooooh He’s so gonna get it when I get out. Ok what I remember last was that girl showing me what this place looked like… This place is huge and why the hell is this place so secure with guards and soldiers? Are we, do we have super powers? Maybe I have super strength and don’t know it! Let’s see… *Bam* Shit! That… Wasn’t my best of ideas. Damn that hurt. What are these doors made of! Ok maybe no powers but there has to be A reason why this place is so watched to tight. Ugh! This song is still being played! Hacked computer and unlocked all doors but couldn’t put an end to the song! Err… Maybe next time the doors open there will be A break out… Damn… that wouldn’t work unless someone knew the layout of this place… It’s A horrible idea for now. That girl… She probably wont come back for A while… Maybe I can Figure something out from listening to her talk next time. Just gotta wait. Damn these stitches hurt!

Mar 12


{Log-17} Ah, what the hell! Why so rough today? Finally realized you still have no chance with Doc?

[Guard] Oh you are really pushing my last nerve! You don’t want me to hurt you do you!

[S-3] Testy testy. And you’re right. I apologize.

[Guard] Damn right you will. Hey do me a favor, keep him as long as you can!…

[D-v] What was that all about?

[S-3] Ah, he’s just A little wuss. Anywho what’s up this time? No call ahead of time? I could have put on a nice blazer and had A more open choices to go eat at.

[D-V] Very funny. I see A bit more attitude today, something wrong or new?

[S-3] Na, he’s just fun to mess with. But honestly, maybe I’m just falling into old habits. No memory but apparently personality seems to be just fine.

[D-V] Well as you are normally told when these little visits are, today is A different session. Are you ready to cooperate?

[S-3] I suppose so. So then what you got for me today?

[D-V] Today sir, is just a discussion. To get you to talk more relaxed and to see how you are just by conversation. That will be all really.

[S-3] Well ain’t that sweet.

[D-V] You’re quite an important person here you know.

[S-3] So I’ve heard. Hey the person before you couldn’t answer A question of mine and I think I’ll give it A shot. What’s the harm in rolling dice twice right.

[D-V] I’d say your right. what’s A world without second chances right? Well what’s your question?

[S-3] In this entire place, there’s others here isn’t there? I don’t mean employees and lap dogs. I mean other “subjects’

[D-V] Ah, There’s no point in hiding such A simple fact I suppose. Yes there are others here, for different means however.

[S-3] You tell all your subjects they’re special? Aside that, what are you people getting at with us here? Why keep us like lab rats without A wheel?

[D-V] Very funny Subject-3, But as I cannot tell you why we have all of you here I can say that when all is over, it will have been for the bigger picture for humanity, us and yourselves, I promise. Haven’t you ever dreamed of A better place in this world with all it’s senseless violence and wasteful people? Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to have A world where people are using their full potential for good?

[S-3]Hey, are you, mocking me? Anywho, seems like you get believe in the cliche.

[D-V] What do you mean exactly?

[S-3] Using horrible methods to try and get the “absolute” best out of humanity. It’s what all people want and what all crappy secret organizations do with themselves.

[D-V] Well you see, it’s what we truly intend on doing. And it seems we sparked A small portion of your memory now. I’ll just mark that down and we’ll get to it another time. But you subjects are the beginning of something that will truly be amazing for this world. You may not see it now, but you will. Just try to relax and focus during your stay here ok.

[S-3] Hmm… So you’re right. Anyway, I doubt there will ever be A time when you let us know or let us out? Am I right?

[D-V] Maybe one day we’ll let you see the skies once again. But we cannot let you leave. I do apologize but we can’t allow any of you to jeopardize all of this. Who knows however, maybe just maybe, one day you will be able to leave and see your world once again in it’s new progress to perfection. Doesn’t that seem ju—-

[Alarm] Danger! Danger! Danger! Systems have been tampered with! Lab rooms and subject rooms open!

[D-V] Damn! You! Don’t move from that spot! Someone will be here soon to watch over you.

[S-3] Stay here or risk death… Oh yeah wonderful options… I wonder what’s out there though. Maybe A qui—-

[???] Hello… Kinda hard finding you, but I have A short time for this so come here quickly. Please.

[S-3] Ok… Who are you anyway?

[???] No time just look!

[S-3] Oh… My… Word… There’s, so many of the rooms… Why… Why are so many needed?

[???] Damn I hear guards, Go sit back down!… One day…

[S-3] Hey wait! Damn… Who was that?

[Guard] Well well well. All alone and no one to keep track of you. heh. Now I can enjoy this finally.

[S-3] You really wanna risk sparring with someone possibly mentally unstable and chance being overpowered?

[Guard] Why yes I am. And I got the perfect excuse after it as well.

[S-3] Oh yeah, What would that so happen to be hot shot?

[Guard] Heh… Subject 3 attempting to make A run for it! *thud* Heh… Now lets see you say something smart. Hmm, Docs gonna have to patch that up for you. I may get chewed out about it but that was so very worth it!

Mar 10

[Subject 3]

{Log-16} Wasn’t much of A medical exam. They just took some blood checked my vision and hearing. I could hear screaming through the halls of the medical center. Like someone was in massive pain or being tortured. The guard said he’d find A way to get me be one of those people screaming if I kept running my mouth… heh, He seems all talk. But damn, I wonder what all the screams were… All I can do is wait and see if I can somehow find anything out. The dreams have become more vivid and starting to feel pain as I wake up. I miss real beds.

Mar 7

[Subject 3]

{Log-15} Well well, looks like the lap dogs have arrived.

[Guard] Well now, you ready to go?

[S-3] Only in though arms of yours hah.

[Guard] You’re really wanting me to hurt you. Don’t sound like such a bad idea right about now either.

[S-3] Give me your best shot.

[Guard] Oh you are so asking for it!

[Doctor] Don’t you dare. Do your job and hurry up.

[Guard] Oooh you keep pushing it and see where you end up.

[S-3] Oh no, I’m so terrified.

[Doctor] Now!

[Guard] Lets go. All ready to go doc.

[Doctor] Let’s go get this done with.

[Guard] Hey usually you’re happy about this sorta thing, why not now?

[Doctor] When I do testing. I get no info with the questioning. Now get him to the room and seat him. I get complaints about him resisting lately.

[Guard] Fine fine… Alright now, sit and do what they say. I got enough problems in this damn place.

[D-V] Alright subject 3, will you be cooperative this time?

[S-3] I suppose so. What you got for me today?

[D-V] Then lets begin. Dreams have been the same?

[S-3] You know it.

[D-V] Do you know why or how you got here?

[S-3] Not a clue, Honestly was hoping you’d tell me. Or do I have to be a good boy and wait for christmas?

[D-V] Do you remember a family friends?

[S-3] I’m assuming I had A Mom, Dad, maybe brother or sister. Also assuming I had friends… Some closer than others maybe.

[D-V] Being smart again are we?

[S-3] No of course not, just saying, I couldn’t have been that bad A person to have no friends right?

[D-V] I suppose you’re right on that. I’ll let the sarcasm pass this time. Do you any memory of where you use to live?

[S-3] I do remember warmth oh mighty overseer.

[D-V] So something finally came up. Is that all you have to say about memory?

[S-3] That’s all. Aside my memories of this lovely place.

[D-V] Now was that so hard to answer my questions this time?

[S-3] Maybe with A little hope and trust we can actually establish A wonderful relationship right? heh.

[D-V] In time Subject 3. You have an exam in the morning. Get some rest. Guards! take him to his room!

[S-3] Goodnight!…

  {Se-e-e-e-e-e-quence… Prep-p-p-p-aring… Program Corrupt}

  {They we’re[]Willing. They all[]abandoned. How could th[e]y}

                        {Error… Error… Error}

Mar 6

[Subject 3]

{Log-14} And I really am about to punch A small animal in the face if I have to keep hearing this song! Ugh… Be calm. Just be calm. Gotta keep A hold of myself before I lose it completely. If I’m here for some weird memory loss, what are the others here for? Same reason or are they “special” as well… And someone keeps stopping by my door, talking to everyone that may be here. Or maybe talking to me? I’ll find out eventually. Just  need to find A way to pull that off…somehow… Odd thought in mind, when will that guard learn he shall never have A chance apparently. I’m to return to questioning tomorrow… Can’t wait.

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